We've seen too many dark and broody bachelor apartments to count. So here's a refreshing change from the usual – this three-room HDB flat is done up by Box.ID Studio in mainly white and black. But what makes the difference are the graphic elements added to the surfaces, such as parallel lines and brickwork patterns. A shot of emerald green in the bathroom works just to liven things up. 


living room, green sofa, coffee table, brick wall
Natural light flows within the common area after the removal of the wall dividing the kitchen and the living room.


kitchen island, kitchen, kitchen stove
The kitchen’s cabinets are, in fact, much deeper than they look as they eat into the bedroom space behind.


kitchen, dining table, pendant lamps, brick wall
A simple dining area, put together with furniture from the owner's previous home, is set up beside the customised kitchen island.


living room, TV cabinet, cabinet
Push-open storage compartments are cleverly concealed within the television feature wall.


study area, study room, desk, shelving, shelves
This comfortable, light-filled study area was carved out from one of the former bedrooms in the flat.


bedroom, bed, bedside table
The bed sits on a platform that’s a little higher, as its base was customised to store bulky luggage.


bathroom, shower stall, tiled wall
The interior designer refurbished the toilet and turned it into an elegant en suite bathroom.