What this couple loves about their compact, 506sqf home is how little cleaning needs to be done. The one-bedroom apartment was designed by Carmen Tang of Wolf Woof, who made the home look fun and cheery with a comic theme inspired by the homeowners' favourite cartoon characters.

The white-and-wood themed home is kept looking fresh and exciting with help from an Astroboy cut-out and pastel furniture. To keep the small space as open as possible, wall-mounted shelves, a coffee table with a nearly invisible white wire-frame base, and a sofa with tapered wooden legs, were chosen to keep the raised platform from appearing cluttered.


Made up of compartments that open in sections, the platform was designed to maximise the whole raised area as concealed storage. 


The graphic stickers draw attention away from the unappealing bomb shelter door and help liven the small study area. The hexagonal pattern also keeps the white walls from appearing bland.


Glass panels were installed to replace a solid wall. This brings more light into the home, creating a home that feels spacious and airy.