This home reminds me of Singapore – it's not an HDB flat, but it's a space that's a perfect comination of Eastern and Western elements, old and new. The homeowner has a great eye for antique Chinese furniture, and designed his home to complement the furniture's clean, graceful profiles. The homeowner also bridged the past and the present by keeping some of the home's original fixtures, such as the retro staircase railings. Construction done by Fortune Wood Products & Construction.


living room, antique chinese furniture, shelf, screen, divider
The Fortuny lamp adds a modern touch to the antique furniture and Peranakan porcelain in the display shelf. 


outdoor, balcony, bamboo blinds, KDK fan, antique chinese furniture
The wife’s personal sanctuary is the balcony where she has tea or watches the evening news.


dining room, Mondrian, dining chairs, antique chinese furniture,
A Mondrian print brings the antique dining set into the 21st century.


kitchen, kitchen cabinet, island countertop, kitchen hob
The wife and her mother-in-law can both cook simultaneously without getting in each other’s way thanks to two neighbouring kitchens.


staircase, retro, stair railings
Antique paintings are part of the owner’s collection. The original staircase railings have been retained.

See the bathroom and bedroom of the home, here!