Be awed by this dramatic 6,000sqf home with its all-white living room and multiple ornate features. 

living room, all white, white, spacious, luxury,
With plenty of space to play with in the living room (including a 4.5m tall ceiling!), this owner filled it with dramatic features like a curved staircase, a variety of chandeliers and a 14-seater long dining table. As a person who loves open spaces, she kept everything in white to help the living room appear spacious.

white, family room, living room, red, retro,
Though the ground floor of the home is mostly white, plenty of colour was introduced in the rooms just up the stairs, starting with the family’s smaller sitting area.

dressing room, living room, mirrors, purple, ornate,
Head into the owner’s personal area and you’ll find yourself awash in a dramatic wave of purple. As mentioned, plenty of colour was introduced into the family’s rooms. The owner’s dressing room showcases her love for ornate mirrors and wild colours.

bedroom, colour, red, carpet,
A blood-red carpet and a pair of turquoise chandeliers bring colour to the white-themed bedroom.

bathroom, mosaic, washbasin,
A carved mirror from France and a long washbasin clad in shimmering gold mosaic are the centerpieces of the bathroom. The owner matched it with a tan shaggy carpet and armchair that also helped fill the large footprint of the bathroom.