Having work together in the same architectural practice, Jay and Velle Goh had no problems collaborating on the redesign of their new home.

They both pictured clean, simple lines using a classic combination of black, white and grey.

Light flows in from both ends of the living room, creating an illusion of greater spaciousness.

Around half of the long front yard has been turned into a small living room. The wall, painted in Dulux's Celery Leaf, enhances the greenery outside.

The vignette sums up Jay's clean aesthetic preferences.

The kitchen was moved to the right side of the house to connect with the living room. The planter above the counter hides pipework.

The couple simply stretched and tied balloons over these seats to create one-of-a-kind pieces at low cost.

The two upstairs bedrooms were combined to create a master bedroom and the ceiling raised for a sense of airiness and openness.

The homeowners spent $60,000 on the renovation.