With help from Rezt & Relax Interior, this owner created a boutique style home. The contemporary style home has a black, white and grey palette filled with strong lines from built-in cabinetry, giving the space a masculine appearance.

living room, masculine, strong lines,
The owner broke the monotony of the home's colour palette by picking a chair with red accents.


display, toys, collections, living room,
The display cabinet has a slit in the middle for the owner to display his toy collectibles. The BearBrick collectibles face the back of the cabinet, looking out into the living room. The burst of colour from the toys are a welcome break from the grey textured laminates.


display cabinet, study,
futuristic chandelier brings the owner's study to life.

Like the interior of a boutique hotel room, the owner's ensuite bathroom eats into the footprint of the bedroom and is separate from the space by a glass wall, helping the space appear more spacious and bring more light into the room.