Interior designer Joey Khu‘s challenge was to turn a typical one-bedroom condominium unit, which has a size of only 484sqf, into a stylish abode he would be proud to call home. He didn’t want to transform the small apartment into an open-concept studio-like space, as he thought it might end up looking cluttered. Instead, he played up its compact cosiness, creating clearly defined pockets of space with the help of concealed panels.


The home’s design was kept relatively clean and simple, but its details, such as the wall panelling finished in dark wood tones, give it an elegant, boutique hotel look.

A mirror-finished sliding panel zones the kitchen (located in the corridor) from the living room to keep smoke from permeating the small home, and also conceals the fridge when it isn’t needed.

By hiding the kitchen behind the folding panel, the narrow walkway instantly appears more spacious and streamlined.

 The footprint of the bedroom was extended out into the corridor, such that the only bathroom in the apartment becomes part of the area.

Moving the vanity out of the bathroom and into the bedroom passageway not only meant a more spacious bathroom, but also a unique “boutique look and feel” in the bedroom. 


Hidden behind the glamorous mosaic tiles is a water tank installed for his wall-mounted toilet bowl, as well as a built-in, mirrored cabinet for his toiletries. 

The bed frame from Grafunkt takes up most of the bedroom space, with just enough room for a night stand. Statement pieces decorate the blank wall above the bed.


Due to space constraints in the bedroom, the designer had to make do with ta narrow built-in ledge with an extendable surface for his study table.