Keeping a neutral palette, this home used plenty of wood, white and beige in the home, leaving art and decor pieces to add colour to the simple home. The homeowners who designed the space themselves, went for an airy Scandinavian feel for the living space. 

living room, bright, airy, simple, clean, white
A clean palette of wood, white and beige in the living and dining spaces makes it easy to layer colours on in accessories such as cushions and rugs.

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Billowy curtains soften the lines of structural columns in the flat. The previous homeowner had torn down some walls and left a large, bare space which the homeowners redesigned to suit the space better. 

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A third of the wall nearest the window is actually a false panel. It was installed to get the dining room wall completely flat so that art pieces could be hung from it.

Besides reinstating a room that was removed by the previous homeowner, two other rooms were combined to create a master bedroom space complete with ensuite walk-in wardrobe and bathroom.   

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Decor features such as a tepee playhouse and wall decal add colour and fun to the children's room, and can removed easily in future.