If you’ve got a small home, don’t only look at inspiration from compact habitats. Sometimes even huge spaces like this house from Collective Designs can offer lots of ideas that’ll fit into your petite palace!

Here’s the huge home we’re talking about:


Let’s start with the living room. Look at how the space is made to look even larger with one consistent flooring used throughout the living space, and lots of white! The colour scheme of the furnishings is also kept pretty consistent, with pops of red thrown in for visual interest.


On to the dry kitchen and dining areas. Open-concept design is always good, to provide a more seamless flow of space and light. Built-in appliances and storage create a neat, uncluttered look, and makes everything more streamlined.


In the wet kitchen, which is huge, a ceiling mounted pot rack puts cookware within convenient reach. This is also a great helper in a small kitchen space as it prevents items from cluttering the countertop, keeping them neatly away, but still visible.


Don’t let the storage for toiletries in your bathroom be an afterthought. The design of this bathroom incorporates lots of countertop space for lotions and potions, something that can be esaily done for a pint-sized bathroom as well!



Use an illusion to make a space look longer. On the second floor landing of this home, a desk placed at the end of the split-level draws the eye though the space, making the walkway look longer. You can do this for any small, but long space!


You don’t need a dedicated library to create a cosy reading corner. Just a comfy chair and shelf of your favourite books is sufficient! If you’re skint on floor space, get a narrow but short shelf like this one, better, get one that leans against the wall to take up even less space!