Few homes will leave such a striking first impression on visitors as this two-bedroom apartment in the Newton area. While the dominant hues are red, orange and yellow, shades of greys, blues and greens also make an appearance, alongside metallic tones such as rose gold and chrome.

The homeowners – a couple and their young son – say their decorating goals were simple; their brief to Nikki Hunt and Kylie Tan of Design Intervention was for a fresh happy home full of colour, and with a sense of the unexpected.  

The sofa in the living room was reupholstered in bright yellow leather. The Design Intervention team says that it gives an optimistic vibe, and sets the tone for the rest of the home. 

The clients wanted something different for the entrance console, which resulted in a customised asymmetrical cabinet in a glossy sunny yellow shade. 

Against the neutral tones of the kitchen, an injection of yellow – in the 3-D butterfly decal stickers – adds vibrancy to the space. The choice of reflective materials, such as the mirror and high-gloss laminates, helps to multiply light and space. 


As their son’s favourite colour is red, the team incorporated it into the customised geometric pattern on the chest of drawers in his room. 


In contrast to the vibrancy of the living space, the design team opted for a more tranquil colour scheme for the master bedroom.