This dark masculine cave is the perfect crash pad for a design-conscious bachelor. ID firm Design Channel configured this three-room HDB flat, and gave it a moody colour palette with sleek lines and lots of storage for its sneaker-loving homeowner.

three-room HDB, HDB, living room, black
Dark can be cosy, if the right mix of materials is used to give the space textural warmth and interest.


three-room HDB flat, HDB, renovation, black, living room
The interplay of different textures keeps the living room cosy, despite the dark colour scheme.


three-room HDB flat, HDB, storage
The industrial look of the home’s interiors extends to its details as well. Exposing the cross-section of the raw plywood planks used for the shelving and doors of the storage wall reveals an organic texture that contrasts with the polished mild-steel cladding.


living room, shoe cabinet, shoe display, storage, shoe storage, three-room HDB flat
Even shoes can be display items if they’re as collectible as this homeowner's limited-edition sneakers. The designer created a glass-covered display with a backing panel that can be swung open from inside the wardrobe.


three-room HDB flat, HDB, bathroom, concrete, cement
Cement screed surfaces were chosen for their low maintenance factor. The shower room on the right has an open view of the bedroom on the other side, via a glass panel.


three-room HDB flat, HDB, washbasin, bathroom, solid surfacing
The homeowner wanted only one wash area in his home, so the designer designed the washbasin, made from solid surfacing, to stand out with its edgy profile.