When choosing paint colours for the home, most of us would think of light hues, instead of dark shades. Maybe it’s time to consider going over to the dark side, if you’re seduced by the urban elegance of this apartment by Architology. Its interiors are never dark and gloomy, despite using charcoal to almost black colours as a base, thanks to the inclusion of light-and-space-enhancing mirrors, as well as furnishings with a little colour in them. 

living space, sofa, dark grey
Janice’s minimalistic home is kept clean with plenty of built-in storage space, but it still exudes personality thanks to her choice of accessories.

sofa, wall
Use different textures to add interest to a monochromatic palette. Here, grey is the main colour used, but textures range from the roughness of the brick wall treatment to the subtle quality of the sofa.

mirror, kitchen, kitchen island, kitchen cabinet
The different types of flooring – marble and tiled – help to delineate the dining and living spaces.

kitchen, kitchen island, wine cooler, bar stool
The walls of the apartment are lined with generous storage space.
The deep bar counter houses a wine fridge and can be hidden when not in use.
bedroom, balcony
A king-sized bed was one of Janice’s must-haves; the bed frame is from Air.
walk-in wardrobe, wardrobe, closet, mirror
The wardrobe storage area was organised according to Janice’s dressing routine.
It houses clothing on the outside, bags towards the inside, and accessories at the end of the aisle.