It might seem boring to have grids and lines as a design feature in your home, but this house by Blupin I.D will prove that wrong! From the living area to the bedrooms and bathroom, rigid grid designs or straight parallel lines are a central presence in those spaces. They are a quiet presence that brings order to a space, and a sense of smart chic. So why not try out this totally unexpected design feature!


Backlit, the black strips on the window blinds are made even more outstanding. They are a visual element that ties in perfectly with the gold moulding of the black panels below. 


The black stair treads on white steps look like they are floating, and make a strong visual impact.


They could have saved the trouble and plastered the whole wall in concrete, but the designer used concrete bricks instead, which adds an extra element of style. The grid, which corresponds to the service window which looks into the kitchen, is a much more interesting option.


Instead of a boring solid wall or the ubiquitous glass window, this wooden screen, which allows light through plus provide privacy when needed, is a much more creative and stylish option. The smart lines add texture to the space, while the material, warmth. 


The clean and simple white mosaic walls of the bathroom has black grouting to bring out the strong character of the grid. This super modern look is juxtaposed with an antique-style console that has been converted into a washbasin stand.