One of the challenges of living in a landed terrace house is that it can get quite dark inside due to the lack natural light, since windows and doors are only at the front and back. The layouts of such houses also tend to be long and narrow — not very easy to work with sometimes. See how IPO Design resolves this issue for this home. Perhaps you can apply some of these tricks into your own space!


The home has an overall colour scheme using white, cream and wood tones, which is refreshing and warmth-imbuing at the same time.

Look closely in the top left corner region, and you'll see that there is a subtle opening in the ceiling. This allows the homeowners to look into the living area from the upstairs corridor, and also opening the enclosed, window-less area. A compact design for the TV console-display shelving also minimises bulk.

Mirrors in the dining area reflects light, as well as visually widens the space. A streamlined rectangular dining table, rather than a large round one, was chosen. Tucked to one side, it does not interfere with the main circulation walkway on the ground floor.

White, glossy finishes for the top-hung cabinets and countertop were chosen in the open-concept kitchen, making it look brighter and also blurring the boundaries of the space. To complement the stark look, other cabinetry was designed with laminates in warm wood hues.

A skylight and air well in the middle of the house lets additional sunlight stream in, also keeping the house airy and well-ventilated. The staircase, featuring glass railings, has cleverly been integrated into the air well.

In the bedroom, low-slung built-in furniture was customised to maximise the ceiling height, letting the clean, understated design of the cove ceiling stand out. Concealed, indirect lighting creates a cosy mood, too.