Before they purchased their home – a three-bedroom HDB flat – Kenny Ren and his wife, Ruby Chong, already had an idea of what they wanted it to look like – a lively and eclectic space, filled with designs inspired by their ideas. The renovation for the charming space cost $80,000. 

Despite the mix of materials used in the living room, the white walls make the space feel spacious and airy. Vases from Galanga Living. 

Creating personal space was important to the homeowners. This nook is where Kenny retreats to have “me-time”. 

The home sports touches of mint green – from the Smeg fridge, to the tableware – thanks to Ruby’s love for the colour. Tableware from Galanga Living. 

For a more rustic look, the couple decided to go for Peranakan-style tiles from Soon Bee Huat for the bathroom flooring. 

Unconventional metal washbasins in the bathrooms are actually Graslok plant pots from Ikea, which Ruby repurposed to become basins!

The couple removed the home’s original doors and replaced them with customised blue ones.