Royston Tan – known for his art cinema feature and short films, such as Sons, Mother, 881 and 15 – is one of Singapore’s most promising young film-makers.

Royston envisioned his apartment – a double-storey two-plus one-bedroom condominium unit in Serangoon – as a blank canvas that allows him to change his environment whenever he likes — very much like living on a film set! 

Interior designer Raymond Seow of Free Space Intent gave the apartment a “clean, industrial-zen look”, with concrete screed- finished walls and floors, and minimal built-in fixtures. 

We bring you on a walkthrough of the home –

The beauty parlour signboard was given to Royston by the owner of Xin Cai Hong Hair Salon, which had been around since the 1960s. As a student at Zhonghua Secondary School, Royston used to walk by every day, and ended up filming his  documentary, Old Romances, there three years ago. Tableware, cushions and throw, from Commune. 


The loft-like home has a unique C-shape layout that hugs the kitchen. Raymond maximised the natural lighting in the living area by demolishing the wall of one bedroom, in favour of a larger living room with a full stretch of windows. Tableware and cushions, from Commune. 


A weather-beaten door, originally from Shandong, China, was installed along sliding tracks to close off the kitchen. Royston first spotted this statement piece at a boutique in Orchard Central. When the shop closed down, he tracked the owner down to acquire the door! 


A commissioned painting by local artist Elton Goh adds contrasting colour to the hallway. It is an artwork that has been painted over numerous times, at different milestones of Royston’s life. 


Located on the mezzanine, the master bedroom is furnished with just the essentials –abedwithan upholstered headboard and wooden nightstands from Commune.

Posters of films directed by Royston accompany the assortment of vintage decor and retro accessories throughout the apartment.