You like classic, elegant homes, but how do you ensure that it doesn’t look dated? This home by White N Black House has got the trad-mod combination down pat. The home exudes a graceful old-world vibe, but yet still looks fresh and contemporary. Here’s how the designers did it! 


1) They didn’t use dark traditional colours. By adopting a fresh clean palette of white, and contrasting it with hints of black, the home already looks bright and spacious. 


2) They used details to create the theme. The designers used classic black and white flooring which brings a nostalgic colonial touch, and simple moulding on the kitchen cabinets to create the look without shouting. Konstantin Grcic’s iconic Stool One barstools kick up the contemporary factor.


3) They created a visual anchor and focal point. Although simple, this pair of decorative pillars makes a strong visual statement of the intent of the style. The symmetry also hints at a more traditional style.


4) They used furnishings that evokes the style of the period, but is more streamlined with cleaner profiles such as this four-poster bed and wrought-iron chandelier. They are seen as traditional types of furnishings, but beacuse of their pared down design and dark colours, they become more neutral.


5) They kept to a consistent colour palette and similar details throughout the home. The contrast of dark and light tones, plus the simple moulding seen on the kitchen cabinets, continues throughout the rooms as well. Even if they’re not classically elegant in design, the study desk and chair in this room works with the style because of their simplicity.