Home to Leon Lai, the co-founder of creative communications agency GOVT, and his wife, this apartment showcases much of their pop culture collectibles.

They engaged designers Wong Zihao and Liew Guofeng of Studio Super Safari, who “designed a home not just for the couple, but for all their things, too!” 

Vintage furniture, such as a Formica-top dining table and solid teakwood sideboards, as well as a large collection of objects, imbue the home with charm. 

In between the dining area and open-concept kitchen, a glass-and-teak wood cabinet showcases an array of old Singapore Telecom rotary dial payphones and home phones. 

Leon bought this 1930s Burmese teak wood U-leg sideboard from a vintage dealer in Kallang, and had it restored. The tricycle was bought in Bali five years ago – the first vintage item the couple got together. 

Two bedrooms were sacrificed for a larger living area to show off the couple’s collections. Simple and functional storage allows Leon’s Absolut Vodka bottles to take centre stage. 

The large Donald Duck “sculpture” is actually the seat of an amusement park carousel ride that the couple acquired in Bangkok. 

The bedroom is fitted out with built-in cabinetry separating the sleeping and dressing areas. Above the bed is a window grille that was salvaged from an old house and spray-painted to look new. 

Seeing as every nook and cranny is put to good use, the renovation – which cost about $90,000 – provided Leon and Meryl with a stylish canvas to curate and present their cherished possessions.