The boho-chic (short for bohemian-chic) look is random and busy. You'll find that most boho-chic homes are cluttered and messy, with barely any empty space on the walls. What little space is available will be filled with accessories, paintings, pillows and figurines. This free-spirited style is always fun, exciting, and cosy, but is usually messy and a pain to clean up after.

This family wanted to bring elements of the boho-chic look into their home while maintaining a breezy, spacious atmosphere for their home. With a little help from interior design company Habit, they accomplished a contemporary, spacious home that preserved their free-spirited nature.

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To avoid cluttering the whole home, the family's accessories and decor pieces were confined to dedicated display areas like this gallery and library. The open-shelves house the couple's multitude of accessories and books. 

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You'll find furniture from different styles and looks scattered throughout the home, all with colourful accessories brightening the place.

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This electic mix of styles is balanced with the use of a monochrome palette in the home. Take the kitchen for example; the organised chaos of the kitchen is softened by the large expanse of white wall next to it.

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The designer ensured that there was plenty of natural light in every room. The light brings a sense of spaciousness to the home, while the use of warm wood helps the home appear more cosy.

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The cheerful mosaic tiles and interesting light fixture attest to the family's bohemian style, and is kept from overwhelming the entrance foyer by the simplicity of the large, dramatic staircase.