In order to get the groove going, this couple roped in the designers at Space Vision to reimagine a HDB five room flat and transform it into a modern contemporary space with just that extra oomph. Instead of sticking to safe colours, this adventurous couple went with a moodier palette, enabling the unusual colour scheme to set their abode apart.

Purple is the order of the day in the living room, and the sensuality of the space is accentuated by the curved silhouettes of the shelves, wall partition, and chaise. Using a gradient of darker colours near to the ground and progressing to lighter shades to the ceiling also enhances the height of any space.

The floor rug and suede sofa's textural surfaces put the couple right at ease the moment they get home. Having sufficient natural light filtering into the living room also prevents the dark walls from looking too dreary.

Anything but casual, the posh dining area showcases a contemporary style dining set that's set against a deep purple quilted backdrop. The snazzy feature wall's mirrored panels also helps reflect more light in from the kitchen, which was widened to facilitate movement between the two conjoined spaces.

Even the kitchen was not spared from a bold decor treatment. The firey red laminates that clad the angular kitchen cabinets and island is not only of an appetising colour, but also matches the couple's passion for daring colours.

Taking it down a notch, the bedroom resembles a chic hotel room thanks to its brown wallpaper and panelled feature wall. Along with the warm tones, the couple can truly kick back and enjoy some television time in total relaxation.

Little details like the wallpaper with subtle rose motifs on the built-in side table shows that it truly takes many elements to come together to form a unified look. In this interior design project, everything from the paint colours to the furniture choices worked seamlessly together to form a lovely home for two.

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