To showcase their collection of vintage knick-knacks and furniture, this couple worked together with Space Matters to create a simple, cosy home:

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A simple backdrop of white bricks serves as the perfect canvas for the smorgasbord of colourful vintage accessories and furniture in the home. Most of the home kept to a simple monochrome theme.

The husband's collection of spirits, and the wife's favourite pieces from her vintage collection sit proudly on a prominent display shelf just next to the living room. 

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The entrance is furnished with a vintage bar stool and an oriental shoe cabinet. 

The bulk of the family's collection lies behind the grey doors of this built-in storage unit. Most of the owner's antique tableware have been stowed beneath the kitchen island too.

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Kept equally simple, the bedroom features wood flooring and a light blue theme. The only colours come from pop-art inspired portraits of the family, painted by the couple's nine-year-old daughter. The dressing table next to the stand is one of the owner's favourite pieces. It is a curved dresser from the 1960s and sports authentic metal rims and brass-capped legs.