Most steer clear of too-dark tones in their homes, for fear that it will make spaces look smaller. And when it comes to flooring, black is usually avoided altogether. But the colour can actually create a sense of cosiness and sophistication at the same time, as shown by JQ Ong of The Association, the designer of this stylish home. So embrace it a little (or a lot, if you like)! 


Glossy, dark flooring acts as a muted backdrop for the smart-looking furniture, giving the living area an elegant, polished look.

A black glass sliding panel conceals the TV when it’s not in use, and its shiny surface provides some lustre to the space. The heart-patterned painting adds a pop of colour, too.

A combination of wood, plastic and metal provides an interesting mix of textures. The walls are kept white, to balance out the dark, moody feel.

The low bedhead creates a sense of height in the bedroom, which is cosy and soothing