As fans of both the utilitarian industrial look and minimalist Scandinavian style, the homeowners (a couple in their 30s) of this five-room DBSS apartment approached interior designer Diana Yeo of Design Channel with their brief, resulting in a $50,000 renovation (without furnishing). 

​They kept loose furniture, such as these seats from Comfort Design, to a minimum. They prefer to fill their home with knick-knacks and decorative details. 

Patterned tiles were used with concrete-lookalike ones, for a softer look. Walls painted with blackboard paint mark out the exercise area in the living room. 

Diana and her team fashioned the suspended table in the balcony out of solid teak, and coiled rope around the hanging meta rods for a softer touch. 

Taobao was the couple’s go-to place for decor items, such as the recycled glass bottle pendant lamps in the dining area. 

For extra storage, the platform bed features pull-out drawers.