This flat is a graphic mix of concrete, fire-engine red and black, with a liberal dose of quirky artwork and quotes. This 1560sqf HDB flat displays everything the homeowner loves, such as the pop art prints and Einstein quotes. 

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The design of the home showcases the homeowner's personality. 

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The entire flat was filled with the homeowner's favourite items, such as this graphic of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The "graffiti" on the wall was pasted on.

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The quotes on the walls will inspire everyone who steps into this home. The Acrylic panel exhorting creativity is from the homeowner's office, while the quote on the wall by Albert Einstein is laser-cut from sticker paper.

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Using a string curtain instead of a solid door to partition off the ensuite bathroom makes the small masterbedroom look and feel more spacious. It also adds a seductive element.

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The study room is where the homeowner does her sewing. The tools and fabrics are all stored neatly with the help of a good storage system.