Sometimes, less is more and simple is the way to go. Done up by KZ Designs, this apartment oozes a casual, unpretentious homey feeling, and has that effortlessly stylish look! Won’t you love spending weekends in if you lived here?


Fluffy light-coloured sofas, cosy soft furnishings and interesting wall art composed of musical note decals and frames make up the living room.

The home has many comfortable nooks, such as this cosy bay window bench in the dining room.

Dark wood decking lends a breezy, resort feel to the balcony.

The kitchen, sporting a clean linear design, looks so bright and airy — making meal prep and cooking more enjoyable. 

One of the walls in the master bedroom is accented in a fresh lilac hue, adding a subtle dash of colour to its muted colour palette. 

Blue denim, the son’s favourite material, was used to create custom-made roman blinds and throw cushions.

The designer suggested a green theme for the guestroom as it’s an invigorating colour that goes great with the wood flooring.