This couple turned to Metaphor Studio to help them turn their 1,010sqf home into a spacious, uncluttered abode.

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A wall of full-height built-in storage cabinets and a large island counter comes in view when you enter this home. It's so clean and neat, you feel as though you've stepped into a new boutique hotel! This raised platform acts as a bridge between the private and public areas of the home.

To its left, is the glass-encased study. Wooden panels hidden between the glass panel and storage copartments can be pulled out to give the homeowner some privacy in his study.

Opposite the storage island is the textured TV console that breaks the minimalism of the home. The console is clade in salbs of textured, rustic quartz and complements the rest of the smooth, sleek home.

Behind the full-height storage compartments, are the bedrooms. A glass panel seperates the sleeping area from the walk-in wardrobe, allowing more light into both spaces.