If you love books, and have tons of them, why not use them to enhance the decor of your home? The designers at Dwell Interior Design created special showcases for the homeowners’ book collection in this three-room condominium apartment. The rest of the apartment is washed in a neutral palette of dark brown and beige, to let the colours from the book covers stand out.


bookshelf, book display, display shelf, shelf

Keeping the colour palette clean and neutral, the only pops of colour in the home’s living and dining areas are from the books on display. 


bookshelf, book display, books, shelf, cabinet, dark wood, wood coffee table, sofa

The designer wanted to create a warm and cosy library-like den for the living area. The massive dark wood bookshelf anchors the space with its bulk, but the structure is lightened with its back-lit shelves. The illumination also gives the books and display objects more presence.  


cookbooks, cookbook covers, shelf, bookshelf, book display, kitchen, kitchen counter

Cookbooks usually have attractive, enticing covers, and this is put to good use by having a shelf in the open-concept kitchen that puts the covers on display. 


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