There’s a charming elegance that fills the air in this spacious flat. The living area is immediately defined by the full-length, wall-to-wall windows at one end, which wash the entire space in an uplifting sunny glow. Complementing the bright and open ambience, the furniture and decor are conspicuously light, clean and stylish.

The designers from Black N White House and the homeowners wished to create a European look with creamy colours and warm, homey accents.

The dining space is livened up with a selection of family photos and prints on the wall, strategically placed for easy appreciation at mealtime.

Seating in the living room was strategically arranged to play up emphasis on the European-style faux fireplace, while taking full visual advantage of the full-length windows.

Dramatic black and white floor tiles mirror the geometric patterns of the built-in wine rack and glass- panelled door, giving the kitchen a crisp and modern look.

The custom-made cabinetry of the sleek walk-in wardrobe features neutral-toned textured woodgrain laminates for the interior, and off- white laminates for the exterior.

More design inspirations: