It takes a certain amount of boldness and a keen eye for interior design to be able to blend antiquated Chinese furnishings in a modern home setting, and pull it off stylishly. The designers at Spacious Planners certainly got the chops for it, as this home demonstrates…

A movie set-like vignette is made up of a cluster of Chinese furniture which the homeowner bought in Hong Kong. The bright yellow wall behind contrasts with the dark rosewood furniture in a refreshing interpretation of the oriental style. 

The Oriental style can appear overbearing in a modern home. So in order to balance it out, the designers opened up the kitchen to create a visually larger common area, and utilised bare concrete floors and clean, architectural lines to inject a more modern element into this household.

This charming scene showcases how well the contrasting aesthetics complement each other. The bold dash of yellow highlights this duplex condominium unit's double volume height, and acts as a vibrant background for the traditional Chinese aesthetics and bare concrete industrial touches.

On the second floor, the bedroom is a sensual den that's anchored by the dark wooden Chinese doors, which were retained as the previous homeowner's taste was surprisingly similar! A customised headboard was then designed to blend into the room's dark wooden tones. The deep reds used here also bring out the room's sensual ambience.

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