This executive maisonette in Mountbatten is home to a young couple with two kids, and the husband’s parents.

Designer Jon Toh of Blupin ID helped transform the resale maisonette into a stylish, family-friendly home.

He proposed a major renovation for the two-decade-old flat, ripping off its flooring, transforming the kitchen and bathrooms and reclaiming the balcony footprint to enlarge the living room.

A Peacock chair adds curves to the strong, clean lines of the living room.

The gold accents of the Beat lights complement the wooden legs of the Eames chairs, jazzing up the austere scheme of the dining room.

Splashes of red liven up the neutral finishes in the master bedroom. The louvred panels help to bright light in.

The homeowners had a generous budget of $100,000 for the renovation, with an extra $50,000 spent on furniture.