Are you a fan of Marie Antoinette, Sofia Coppola’s 2006 film starring the elusive Kirsten Dunst? The period piece showcased opulence and an over-the-top charm that will make anyone feel pampered, what with the lush bedspreads, printed wallpaper, and heavy chandeliers. However, you can experience this for yourself and not just through Hollywood. This four-storey home shows you how.


Blessed with high ceilings and large windows, this family’s Victorian-style living room dons a cream and blush theme. The metallic sheen of its curtains, large leather sofas, and gold-lined consoles oozes luxury. Tying the theme together is an intricate dome, where the chandelier hangs from. “A ceiling dome is a must for a classic home,” says interior designer Romie, from The Cottage Crafts.

Continuing with the European-inspired decor, the homeowner takes on a masculine vibe with dark wooden French bookshelfs and a matching study table. 

The team at The Cottage Crafts built around the majestic bed – enveloped in velvet upholstery – and installed custom wall panels as well as furniture in black and gold. The boxed walls also add an interesting texture and depth into the room.  

The same black and gold fittings are extended into the walk-in wardrobe, which was – in its original form – quite an awkward layout! Interior designer Romie took advantage of that, and crafted out this wardrobe space along the slanted wall.  


Despite the glamorous living room and bedroom, the toilet is kept relatively simple in design. However, there are still a few worthy highlights – such as the gold-coloured decorative tap, gold accessories, and marble countertop.

Stay gold!