This open, rustic home was designed to incorporate nature and homeowners' sizable collection of Native American objects. They had a strong affinity for the Native American culture, and wanted to build a family-friendly home reminiscent of the Pueblo or adobe (Sundried earth) houses found in Native American reservations of the Midwest.

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The couple built their four-storey house to be close to nature as it could be. This explains the floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass on the ground and second levels. 

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This "treehouse" built on stilts above the playground, elevated veranda for alfresco dining. The materials chosen were not just natural and earthy, but also low-maintenance and pet-friendly. 

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Stone and slate floors feature feature on the ground level, hardwood flooring on the upper levels, and teracotta tiles in the outdoor spaces and on the roof. Inside the house, the walls are apinted white to better show off the Native American artefacts.

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There is a tasteful mix of Native American pieces with rustic wood furniture from Indonesia. On the grand piano, there are displays of star pieces from the wife's handmade jewellery designs. 

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The attic has been turned into a library and holds a collection of 1950s American pop-culture memorabilia.