Blessed with a beautiful shophouse unit, this married couple and their children didn't ask for much when it came to redesigning it. Spacious Planners took on the home's renovation, and turned over a brightly-lit, minimally-decorated, and absolutely cosy home to the family to grow into.

The spaciousness of the living area is emphasised by the all-white walls, ceilings, and floor. Using low furniture like the lounge seating and coffee table that's close to the ground also enhances the height of the space.

The medley of mismatched seats, paired with a vibrant piece of artwork, creates a light-hearted bohemian feel for the open dining area. By restricting the differing dining table, chairs, and bench to a white and brown palette, a quirky rather than cluttered look is achieved.

The kitchen is kept functional and utalitarian with stainless steel surfaces. But thanks to the blackboard wall, the couple's daughters are able to add colourful doodles to the space and lend a lighter note to its sombre palette.

The designers enlarged the master bedroom on the upper storey by bringing down the bathroom wall and designing an open-concept bathtub area beside the bed. The generous skylights bring natural light into the space, creating a resort-like feel for the couple's private sanctuary.

Opposite the bathtub is a more private area where a standing shower is installed. The free standing mixer, which mimics those found at swimming pools, also gives this corner a delightful and unexpected twist.

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