Minimum effort, maximum impact. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot for the design of your home to stand out. Take some tips from this five-room HDB flat by Design Channel!


Take away the dining room chairs and this room will probably seem quite pleasant, but pedestrian. The formal armchairs, upholstered in a purple velvet-like material, bring elegance and a shot of colour to the monochrome space. It also cements the modern-classic look.


Something functional like a clock, can be the focus of attention, too. Besides the over-sized clock face, a movie poster of a classic flick is all that's needed to spice up this plain hallway.


Grey isn't boring, or too dark for a home. In a space with mostly white walls, just painting one wall grey is great for adding a urban, cosmopolitan vibe. Keep the furnishings to a classy monochrome colour palette too.


Bedrooms should be restful. Make a simple decorative statement, such as a quilted headboard, to convey a sense of luxury. With this, you don't have to do much to the rest of the room.