If you think contrasting themes and furniture will be a disaster when put in the same home, the interior designer of this terrace will have you think again. Recaptured used furniture from a range of styles such as Baroque and Oriental and made them work!

living room, chandelier, white, stairs, carpet

Rugs are customised and subtly divide the living and dining spaces.


baroque, living room, mirror, chandelier, purple

The dark purple wall in the living room works perfectly with the sofa and chandelier of the same shade, and is complemented with gold framed Baroque style mirrors.

bedroom, carpet, chandelier, blue,

The colour scheme of the master bedroom was determined by the turquoise chandeliers, which were found after the blood-red carpet was selected.


bathroom, seashells, mirror, countertop, shower

The gold-and-white theme of the master bathroom provides an elegant respite from the wild colours outside.

oriental, chandelier, kitchen, countertop, screens

The Oriental screens in the kitchen complemented the black chandelier well despite the stark difference in the styles each originate from.

living room, red, retro,

The family area at the top of the stairs has a strong retro vibe.

bathroom, mirror, mosaic, shower, basin

To create a fun theme in the children’s bathroom, egg shapes were used for the mirror and washbasin.

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