Previously devoid of colour, this home’s clinical backdrop remains the same, but its interiors are gently softened by the smorgasbord of colourful art and home accessories that the homeowner has curated devotedly over the years. Attracted to more than one genre of style, this homeowner managed to harmonise elements of mid-century modern, Scandinavian. Retro, and even oriental styles flawlessly. 

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Plain white surfaces brighten up a space and allow any colour to stand out against them. The living room’s open-plan kitchen cabinets and the bedroom’s built-in cupboards blend seamlessly into the walls, and its sharp, architectural outlines give this home a clean and crisp profile.

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The apartment’s uncomplicated lines allowed the owner to integrate various styles of furniture and accessories.

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The white base of his home is also a perfect “template” for the owner to do up temporary festive decorations during Chinese New Year, Halloween, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, during which he invites his friends and family over for gatherings.

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When choosing more than one bold colour to use in a small space, ensure that they complement each other, such as the greens and red in this bedroom do.