These two housemates have a love for restoring pre-loved furniture, and making them their own. 

eclectic, vibrant, restored shelves, clutter, maximalism
Beautiful and organised clutter is kept within a restored cabinet that one of the homeowners found.


eclectic, balinese, woody, rustic, raw furnishing
The many raw wood furnishings from Bali and Bangkok give the home a Balinese look and feel.


eclectic, raw, balinese, water-stained, restored
An old water-stained table was restored with electric blue paint, and topped with glass to be used as a nightstand behind the bed.


eclectic, trinkets, knick-knacks, display
The homeowner displayed all his knick-knacks instead of hiding them in cabinets.


eclectic, raw, bold coloured, concrete wall, industrial
Bold-coloured statement pieces such as the red bamboo ladder contrast well with the raw concrete walls of the bathroom.


eclectic, kitchen, concrete, vintage collection, oriental
Because the homeowners don’t cook, the kitchen is left stove-less. Instead, it displays an excellent range of old-fashions flasks and knick-knacks that add an Oriental touch to the kitchen.