A frequent traveller, this homeowner created her home to be an electric reunion of all her overseas experiences. With passionate skill, this creative owner marries many diverse influences, colours and styles to create a setting that is intimately personal yet stylistically stunning. 

dining room, cabinet, colourful, yellow,
The dining space shows a crisp blend of design styles and colours. The yellow herb cabinet brightens the cool colours of the dining room. 

green, colourful, fun, home, house tour, cabinet
The homeowner painted the living room’s retro-style storage unit a lively green, and her friend helped add black wood patterns. The metal suitcase underneath is a souvenir from Kathmandu and the kitschy pink flamingo completes the mesh of vigorous colour. 

home, decor, house tour, fun, colourful,
Though the home is bright and colourful, each area in the home sticks to a particular colour scheme. Here, the antique Japanese kimono displayed on the wall (as seen in the mirror) with its orange, lime and hints of purple forms the focal point, and is complemented by the green and yellow tones of the cabinets and flooring for a more coordinated look.

homes, decor, house tour, fun, colourful, red
The fire engine red leads the way in this corner of the kitchen. The metal cabinet from Ikea and a wall-mounted storage and display board make funky yet functional statements. 

homes, house tour, colourful, fun, decor, bedroom
The master bedroom conveys a quiet air, with subtle yet interesting accessories like a wind-catcher made of shells and a cream-coloured, Oriental-style armchair.