Designers from MOMO and Partners helped this home owner bring the charm of the 50s and 60s into this otherwise contemporary flat.

The minimalist master bedroom gets a touch of nostalgia with old-fashioned accents such as a recycled metal grille gate and lace drapes, which also serve as a screen for the walk-in wardrobe.


To bring a sense of spaciousness to the narrow kitchen, the designers and homeowner kept the space very simple. The wall of retro glass blocks and globe-shaped lamps bring a touch of nostalgia to the long room.


A vintage cabinet takes pride of place beside high-tech computer gadgets in the study.


By replacing some of the white ceramic tiles with black-and-white mosaics and floral wallpaper, then finishing it off with a miniature crystal chandelier, the humble kitchen toilet takes on a powder room quality.


Furniture pieces from different eras can complement one another. Here, an avant-garde table-cum-TV console and a sleek acrylic coffee table sit harmoniously with two retro armchairs.


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