For his simple yet stylish home, this homeowner went online for his furniture shopping fix. It took him a total of three months to buy his furnishings, and have them sent over to his home.

home decor, online shopping, taobao, etsy, eclectic, simple
The spacious living room is decorated with a mixture of different styles, together with bright and bold pop-art that the homeowner sourced online.


home design, interior design, kitchen, tiles, wood
Simple, basic tiles were used for the open kitchen and living area, while wood-like vinyl was used for the dining area.


home design, interior design, pop art, taobao, staircase
A large, vivacious artwork of Batman bought from Taobao turned the L-shaped staircase into a visual feast for the eyes.


home design, interior design, window, architecture, wall
The block this homeowner lives in has a circular hole in the wall, which he turned into a window.


home design, interior design, guest room, colour scheme
The guest bedroom of the house is adorned with bright colours and soft furnishings, giving the room a hint of luxe.


home design, interior design, neutral, masculine, dark, blue
A masculine colour scheme of black, blue and neutral colours were used in the master bedroom.