Davina Stanley of paper+white has several portfolios in colonial renovation and projects including black and white bungalows and shophouses. Creating a new and improved living space while taking advantage of the conserved structure can be quite a challenge. This home does justice to both aspects and adds a charming edge by incorporating some industrial and Asian style elements into the interior design.


The main door is framed by black outlines, a design feature that's unique to the facades of colonial black and white bungalows.


The first room by the main entrance is a formal yet relaxed living room that's centred by pendant lamps designed by Davina.


The use of different styles, from industrial to Asian, form stylish vignettes around the home.


The combination of white-painted wood, wicker pendant lights and mahogany touches, makes for a refined spin on tropical aesthetics.


The front porch is filled with designs that echo the surrounding tropical greenery.


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