The monochromatic hues of this home allows its many three dimensional feature walls to co-exist stylishly, and lets the coloured objects shine even brighter in contrast.

The use of white gives this home a light, uncluttered atmosphere despite its many design features.

To prevent this mono-hue palette from becoming predictable and bland, designer Jenn Law of Distinct Identity introduced a slew of decorative effects, including feature walls.

The homeowner's toy collection takes pride of place in the lounge space that was once the dining room. Cushions from Oddjects and table lamp from White Woods.

White is used as a striking contrast to the dramatic and vibrant walll of plants outside.

The waves on this "feature wall" dress up the door to the shoe cabinet. Eames chair from Grafunkt.

The dark wallpapered canopy in the bedroom adds a masculine touch.

This home's various decorative structures complement rather than clash with one another, thanks to the singularity of the white colour used in this $35,000 renovation (excluding furnishings).