In order to emphasise this terrace house's high ceilings and expansive rooms, the designers at Spacedge Designs used an almost all-white colour scheme. The home's sweeping proportions were also further enhanced by the large amount of daylight that filtered in through large windows.

On the ground floor, the living room, dining area, and kitchen were all merged into an impressive open-plan layout. Due to the large amount of white and creamy hues used, the entire space risked looking one-dimensional. This was avoided by the jet black feature wall that anchors the living area elegantly.

Adequate storage is a necessity that must never be undermined, but the designers also took an extra step to turn it into a subtle design feature. Having a customised shelf that terminates just below the ceiling also creates an illusion of a higher ceiling.

To create a more aesthetically pleasing open kitchen, the refrigerators, oven, dishwasher, and pantry shelves were cleverly hidden behind the mirrored panels on the left. This not only creates a streamlined space, but the reflective surfaces also brings more natural light into the entire area.

Things were taken down a notch in the children's bedroom, which features warmer, more woody tones. Using bedding, rather than wall colours, to bring in livelier colours is also a more practical way to inject fun elements.

For the couple's master bedroom, walls were torn down to create a hotel suite-like space with an indulgent jacuzzi tub.

The missus' handbag collection is proudly showcased in a customised wardrobe cum display shelf. The frosted glass panel creates a neater appearance when it's shut, but still allows her to have a quick glance of her collection, making it easier to pick and choose while she's getting ready.

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