White, wood and a Zen-like atmosphere. That's the vibe you get when you step into this five-room HDB flat in YIshun, done up by the folks at Studio Super Safari. The stylish place was done up for a cool $70,000. Check it out below!

play area, zen, wood, rubberwood, singapore, yishun, five room, HDB flat,
The centre of this home is this cool play area. The young couple who own the place wanted to keep the home spacious (obviously accomplished perfectly here!) with the wood-look platform area. The couple hangs out and watches movies with their friends here.

living room, platform, rubberwood, singapore, hdb flat, five-room, yishun
The platform is made from rubberwood (find out more about it here) and hides plenty of storage compartments! We also love the cool niches carved into the wall of the space. Subtle and stylish.

dining room, communal table, shelves, white, simple, wood, zen, japanese, HDB flat, five-room,
Their dining table is 3m long. Surprisingly enough, it was expensive to customise. The couple formed it with two 1.5m-long planks from Ikea and laid them on top of trestles from Bloesem. The massive table visually lengthens the dining room. We also love how the simple space is brigtehned with cheerful plants on a bench near the window.

shelving, IKEA, cheap, affordable, home, simple, zen, minimalist,
The simple wall-mounted shelves are from Ikea! They fit perfectly into the home owners' zen-like home with their minimal appearence. See now, who says style has to be expensive?

kitchen, dining room, entrance, hdb flat, yishun, five-room
The kitchen walls were also taken down for an open-concept effect!

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