Stressing out over how to keep kitchen appliances out of sight, or create a more space-efficient vanity corner? Here are some clever solutions to age-old renovation problems that can be worked into any home easily.


Here’s how you can hide an entire vanity counter behind a wardrobe!
(Interior design by Metaphor Studio)

Want to even out a recess in the wall? Place industrial mirrors with frosted glass in front of the niche and to turn the entire wall into a focal point.
(Interior design by Space Sense)

Wall hooks are a necessity but can be an eyesore for those who prefer clean-lined minimalist aesthetics. But these pull-out hooks can give you the best of both worlds! 
(Interior design by Oblique Interiors)

If you live alone, this sliding door, which covers either the shower or toilet at any given time, would be a smart alternative to having 2 separate doors.  
(Interior design by Sponge)

This customised cabinet has a special ventilation feature installed so that the homeowner can store appliances such as the rice cooker inside.
(Interior design by Produce)

This narrow gap in the walls of the dining room allows the homeowners to peer out to the main entrance yet have utmost privacy when they’re eating.
(Interior design by Museworks)

Afraid that your child might outgrow his or her bedroom too quickly? One fun solution is to customise a loft bed to free up more floor area for other usages, such as storage. 
(Interior design by The Scientist Pte Ltd)

The walkway leading to this HDB flat’s bedrooms is separated from the living room with a swinging door that blends into the TV feature wall when closed. 
(Interior design by White Space Living)

An easy way to de-clutter a table top is to have another below it! This narrow gap allows loose knick knacks to be chucked away out of sight – a neat trick to keep your house looking neat with minimal effort!   
(Interior design by Zidane Design Associates)

And push-open doors can easily be concealed with the help of decorative wallpaper like this.    
(Interior design by Formwerkz)

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