WHAT: Ellen DeGeneres’ seventh home with wife Portia de Rossi

WHERE: LA, Beverly Hills

WHY WE LOVE IT: Ellen DeGeneres is obsessed with interior design, and she used nature as her main source of inspiration for this home. Although it helps that it’s a 11,500 sqf mansion with actual trees, we think you can easily recreate this look in our small Singapore homes – just be mindful of the proportions.

(images from Celebrity Homes)

The easiest way to bring the outdoors in is with wood furniture. Potted plants complement this, and a glass tabletop and a contemporary lamp modernises this nature-themed space. You can place a potted tree either outside your door, or indoors near the entrance. Just make sure it’s not too big for the size of your home. 

The chesterfield sofa adds an elegant touch to the library, even with its weathered look. The wooden furniture here is less raw, and more polished.

The cottage-style design for the kitchen complements the nature theme, especially with green tiles for the stove backsplash and kitchen island. We also spotted rattan chairs at the back!

Too many wood furniture can be monotonous, so break it up with other materials such as marble, iron, and brass – choose tones that are not too similar to your existing furniture too, as seen on the marble bathtub. 

Every room has fresh flowers that add vibrance and energy; these are little things that make a difference. Lastly, grey is a tone that matches almost everything, so use it!