Despite the effortlessly chic and rustic look of this home, there was a lot of thought — based on functionality — placed into its design. Homeowners Sheau-Yin and Eugene Tan wanted an airy, Mediterranean-style space to call home so interior designer Mark Yong of PIU decided that a complete reconfiguration of the apartment was in order. 

“We spent nine years in Europe, often visiting the Mediterranean region whenever we had a chance,” shares Sheau-Yin. “Their style incorporates nature, so we used nyatoh wood for the louvre windows and bedroom door.” 

Mark ran black steel beams on the ceiling to anchor the LED lights and additional doors, a tabletop was fitted into one of the cabinets, so that Sheau-Yin has an additional baking counter and more storage space, and each built-in bed features storage compartments underneath.

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