How do you turn a drab dining room into a whimsical yet practical space where the family can dine, work and entertain out of?  Sara Lyle Bow, editor of The Finder, worked with Singapore-based interior designer Maureen Courcenet of Signé Design to give her shophouse a makeover. See what they did with the dining room.


The furniture in this room was all vintage or secondhand, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it didn't work together here. And yes, there was a bed springs in their dining room! In addition to wanting more surface area on the dining table (to host more at home), they also needed proper storage for my husband's vinyl record collection.


There's plenty of seating and surface space to host family and friends for dinner, thanks to the white wicker chairs and a sizeable teak table. A hemp-woven rug underneath is a pretty yet practical choice. A green accent wall is paired with a white wooden screen. And, the place looks brighter and airier!


This story was first published on The Finder.