Top of the Class 20/21 is an honour roll of Singapore’s most notable design firms for the year 2020 and 2021.

About Joey Khu Interior Design

With over 23 years of experience in the industry, Joey Khu has established a reputation for his skilful space planning, meticulous interior styling and decorating as well as well-resolved design details. Continuing a childhood love for art and design, he has honed his ability to incorporate sophisticated touches in a contemporary way, with an eye for rich materiality. When the occasion arises, he even creates statement art pieces to complement his interiors. 


Director: Joey Khu
Address: 1 Jalan Pisang, #02-01 
Tel: 6440-7920

Director Joey Khu

Three-bedroom Condo / West Area

The design concept for this apartment is proof that dark need not be dull. The walls, ceiling and built-in cabinets are clad in various shades of black and grey. Playing up the variations in the tonality of the black ash veneer and taupe and black laminates, as well as their different levels of light reflectivity, Joey Khu Interior Design’s layering of the dark colour palette gives it a sense of depth.

From the moment you enter the apartment, the timber strip detailing on the shoe cabinet across from the main door catches the eye with its 3D effect. Display niches featuring white marble bases and blue-tipped edges stand out against the dark background.

The floor-to-ceiling slab of invisible grey marble provides a focal point within the apartment and a backdrop for the dining area. Its white-grey with richly-patterned taupe veins adds a touch of drama. The spaces, lines, colours, textures and patterns are delicately balanced and complemented by a curated selection of art and furniture to create an elegant scheme. 

Three Bedroom Condo / East Area

This modern, resort-themed home with its harmony of colours and textures possesses a pervading simplicity. The neutral colour range allows the furnishings to convey the narrative.

The home is conceived as a gallery for the homeowner’s books and collectibles displayed on backlit shelves finished in a rustic, wood-textured stucco. They double as a backdrop for the living and dining areas. Sliding, Shoji-style screen doors run the length of the living and dining spaces, separating them from the balcony.

The tranquil feel of the interior is carried through to the bedrooms. The master bedroom is adjoined by a study-cum-walk-in wardrobe converted from another bedroom. Its bare walls bring out the wood grain of the bed frame and bedside tables as well as the dark timber flooring. The result is understated and stylish.

Two-Bedroom Condo / CBD Area

This 560 sq ft apartment is home to a couple and their pet dog, who downsized from a maisonette with almost three times the floor area. The gargantuan task of creating sufficient storage within the small apartment was akin to trying to fit the contents of a suitcase into a shoebox.

Joey’s solution: incorporate full-height, built-in storage that extends from the main door across from the kitchen to the living room and terminates just before the balcony. These not only include kitchen cabinets above and below the countertop and others that conceal the refrigerator as well as the washing machine, but also open shelves for the homeowner’s extensive toy collection.

Another set of floor-to-ceiling storage along the wall facing the kitchen doubles as a pantry-cum-display area for more toys. Counting the kitchen counter and cabinets, they form an efficient galley layout. In the hands of a skilful designer, this small apartment has been transformed into a cosy, efficient and well-organised space that epitomises city living.