Top of the Class 20/21 is an honour roll of Singapore’s most notable design firms for the year 2020 and 2021.

About Three-D Conceptwerke

Behind this multidisciplinary studio that specialises in interior design, interior styling and furniture craftsmanship is a team of design renegades who live and breathe their work. They are constantly pushing and rethinking design boundaries, bestowing renewed purpose to spaces, seamlessly integrating design into the daily lives of homeowners and creating tangible, long-lasting relationships between inhabitants and their homes. All regard their work as a stamp of communicative design that leaves an indelible mark on every blank canvas they encounter.


Principal Designer: Dess Chew
Address: 5 Jalan Klapa
Tel: 6293-8001

Three-bedroom walkup apartment at East Coast

Here, the design team had free rein as the client did not have a specific brief. Based on factors such as the location, the immediate surroundings and the age and context of the apartment, Three-D Conceptwerke proposed a scheme based on bringing nature inside. Beyond just incorporating plants there and on the balcony, the team chose materials and finishes as well as furnishings to achieve a raw or unfinished aesthetic that’s right at home with the greenery.

Most of the floors are in their natural state. After a false ceiling was removed, the original concrete ceiling was uncovered and left deliberately exposed, complete with old marks, paint splatters and even the nails. Other rustic touches include the use of unshaven wooden planks for the bedroom doors and raw plywood in the walk-in wardrobe. 

Four-room HDB apartment at Telok Blangah Heights

The homeowners are an expatriate couple who love oriental design. However, instead of creating a completely oriental interior, the design team has gone for a colourful, contemporary space against which the oriental elements stand out. The bold use of muted colours on a feature wall injects a refreshing vibe.

Elsewhere, the materials, hues and furniture are neutral to balance out the composition. This even distracts from the air-conditioner. The open-concept kitchen sports a monochromatic theme differentiated by textures and geometries such as the square white backsplash tiles and hexagonal black floor tiles.

While many homeowners and designers would dismiss the old-school glass blocks as old-fashioned and opt to conceal them, the designers have held on to the original glass blocks that allow an abundance of diffused natural light into the interior, giving the space a sense of openness. Even an old window grille has been repurposed into a screen that separates the entrance foyer from the living room and creates a sense of nostalgia. Then there’s the couple’s macrame collection that softens and personalises the metal grille.